Alabama Simulated Emergency Test 
October 6, 2007 
Information updated 04 Oct 2007
This Saturday, October 6th at 10:30 am following the NTS Day Net on 3.965 MHz we will begin the 2007 Simulated Emergency Test (SET) for the Alabama Section. 
Follow the outline in the Section Emergency Manual to bring up the statewide Emergency HF net on 3.965 MHz as well as each local net on the assigned UHF/VHF emergency frequencies.  
Test your emergency procedures by alerting all amateurs in your area that a Simulated Emergency Test event is taking place. Be sure to state and repeat often that is a test, drill or practice event. 
All amateur stations should check in by voice on the State HF net as well as the local U/VHF nets and the HF Liaisons will forward those check-in numbers to the HF Net Control Station. 
Those stations with digital capabilities can request a SET form via digital text. They will receive it, add their call and mode, then email it back via digital mode, internet or Winlink 2000 to the digital net control station  
The following digital frequencies and modes have been checked and should work: 
Winlink HF Pactor-1 3.594.1 MHz LSB Call sign K4GR  
Winlink Telpac EOC Clanton via internet access  
Telpac EOC Clanton KF4LQK-10 144.390 simplex  
Telpac Elmore Co K4GR-10 145.690 simplex  
Telpac Elmore Co KB0OLA-10 145.690 simplex  
Telpac Elmore Co via internet access  
Telpac Elmore Co via internet access  
Telpac Madison Co (primary Digital NCS station using HF to download message)  
Telpac Madison Co (secondary Digital NCS station using a VHF TelPac gateway)  
Telpac Madison Co (our backup station for Winlink)  
Packet BBS Elmore Co W4AP-1 145.690 simplex  
DigiPeater Elmore Co W4AP-2  
PSK31 3.575 Mhz LSB Net Control WX4JIM  
RTTY 3.565 Mhz LSB  
D-STAR 145.350 Tall Tower and DCH Tuscaloosa  
On other AL D-STAR repeaters, please post the TEST Message. See for frequencies and information. 
APRS 144.390 simplex  
After Action Report: 
All EC's, NM's and NCS are requested to send me a SET report within one week of this test. Reports should include number of check-ins, your local SET scenario, number of different bands and modes used. Also what worked well and not so well, outstanding amateurs and general comments. 
Alabama Section ARES page, 
Other AL 2007 SET information, 
73 and God Bless  
Jay Isbell KA4KUN  
ARRL Section Emergency Coordinator, Alabama Section 
Please check back for any additional information as it is refined. 
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